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  • Nica Lucero

Reminder: Keep a List of Everything Your Heart Beats For

Can you tell me all the things you love, so you can remember what keeps you alive?

I hope the things you love doesn’t become the things you escape to only when reality isn’t bearable anymore. I hope the things you love doesn’t become a mere breather, or the things you do in-between work, or something you run to only when you have time to spare. I hope the things you love aren’t tucked in a small corner of your room that’s meant to be taken out only in certain seasons.

I hope the things you love peek through every part of your life until it consume you; until it becomes the very essence of your soul. I hope you create space for them to evolve and illuminate. I hope you find new ways to fall in love with them again.

I hope you don’t lose sight of all the things that you love for they mirror all that you are. And all that you are deserves to be loved endlessly no matter the season.

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