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  • Nica Lucero

Life Lessons from Kids

I have more photos of these kids than I have of myself (i actually don’t have any) when I went on this solo trip. I sat on the shore with Ian and Julian after my failed attempt at surfing. Our conversations went from them asking me what my favorite color is, to me asking them what they want to be when they grow up. Most of the time I just listened to them take pride of their home — how they are so lucky to have the ocean as their playground. And that instead of playing patintero and tumbang preso, they surf and dance with the waves and swim almost every day.

I asked Ian why he’s not in the ocean catching waves like the rest of his friends, he simply told me “natatakot ako ate eh, pero may bukas pa, pwede ko ulit subukan.” (I'm scared, but I can always try it again tomorrow.)

I love kids so much. They hold the most hope, the most joy, and the most courage more than any adult i’ve met. It amazes me how they dream big, how they care for the smallest and sometimes stupid things, how curious they are, how innocent, and how they don’t seem to run out of creative juices.

I look at kids and I see what life is supposed to look like.

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