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  • Nica Lucero

The Adventures in our Ordinaries and Everydays

The last couple of months I’ve felt alive more than ever. You can find me in the sea or the mountains during the weekends and at free-diving classes on the weekdays. I was living in a beautiful adventure; always wanting to do something out of the ordinary. But when that finally stopped and my weekends are now spent in the city, that adrenaline rush I’ve always felt stopped too. Now I’ve been itching for ways to do something that would resemble adventure.

But maybe today, as I rummage through my closet as I declutter, is the adventure. Maybe today, in the middle of Ortigas traffic, as vendors knock on my window, is the adventure. Maybe today, as I sit silently in the floors of my room staring at that corner I’ve left uncleaned for so long, is the adventure. Maybe today, as I clean through my stuff and seeing a 500 peso bill I remember keeping from a year ago, is the adventure. Maybe today, as I greet the guards in the mall and open doors for the people behind me, is the adventure. Maybe today, as I hand over a few coins to the children in the streets and reminding them to eat, is the adventure. And the children, smiling back at me with hands full of coins and saying “salamat po” as if they were singing it, is the adventure.

I’ve overlooked at the ordinary and the everyday acts that everything about it seems dull.

I hope today, the universe allows you to see your “ordinaries and everydays” in a different light. I hope today, you have the power to shift your perspective and spark something new.

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